To verify that the driver was loaded in the kernel, execute the following command:. Automatically done by start-up script. Inbound load balancing and data flow distribution are strictly determined by the link partner and have no affect on the outbound algorithm. Assign IP addresses and subnet masks to additional cards as desired options given later. It will not work properly if the switch is hard set to FD. Select the LAN interface by clicking the radio button. Complete book in PDF.

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This section describes how to solve some of the most frequently encountered problems and answers the most frequently asked questions. Each time jx11i run the command pair, the values for Ipkts and Opkts should increase.

All of the currently used networking drivers are included in the latest quarterly HP-UX update. See swinstall 1M for details.

HP provied updated versions of the drivers on the standard patch bundles, and sometimes the version installed on the bundle don’t match the current kernel 1gigabit. Optional Select Preview to see the commands that will be executed.

Quickspecs HP Auto Port Aggregation

How can I tell which version I have installed? This is the recommended load balancing algorithm.

In order for your local network to reach other networks, your machine needs access to a router or switch devices that route data to other networks. Allows scaling of networks to improve aggregate throughput with flexibility to scale up or down based on the bandwidth requirements Provides redundancy or link aggregation of network ports. Always ehernet that the switch setting is the recommended one used across your site such as FD.


10GigEthr-00 (ixgbe) 10 Gigabit Ethernet Driver for HP-UX

If adding multiple LAN cards: This algorithm uses the least significant byte of the link level destination MAC address of the data flow as an index into a table of possible entries. You need to download and install first bundle LAN Monitor is supported only between links of similar speed. Test the card and link with nwmgras follows:. To verify link-level connectivity with a remote system, enter: Select the radio button of the LAN card that you want to modify.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet driver ixgbe is not pre-loaded; it is selectable.

The Speed line includes the current speed, the current duplex setting, and how the setting was determined. This should take about 3 to 5 minutes. To use Jumbo Frames with the iether and igelan drivers, set the MTU ux1i1 to a number in the range to bytes.

How to install gigabit ethernet drivers

A Note window opens. In addition to increased performance, enterprise users require protection against business interruptions and loss of productivity. No ethenret information yet [ edit ] Abstract [ edit ] The following document present the procedure to update HP-UX 11i Gigabit Ethernet drivers and were those can be obtained. Verifying that the Networking Driver is in the Kernel.


This means the v11 and driver are installed successfully. Related System and Network Administration. In such a scenario, customers can aggregate 4 links of 10GigE capacity each to service his requirements. This should get the system up and connected to any local networks.

To see all LAN cards with drivers, run: HP APA features automatic link failure detection and the ability to transfer traffic to one of the specified redundant links. Load the software media into the appropriate drive. Configure the IP address, 10gigabbit name, and any other desired parameters. Normal frames on have an MTU in the range to The fiber channel drivers interaction often requires minimum firmware version and many know issues can be prevented installing the latest firmware on 10gogabit cards.

If adding multiple LAN cards:.