This is what happened with the make install: I’m going to try with the same drivers from before, as you say. In your case, since you are running an older kernel version, your usb. I’m going to make sure first what i have is difficult, because the wifi card is sealed inside the antenna and i only have the windows information I will be patient; I have to run to the PO and lunch. Well, it’s helping me get to 8, posts, isn’t it. The antenna that i’m talking is an external antenna that cames with a 2 meter iron bar to place outside, with a usb cable to connect to the pc.

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Ubuntu managed the antenna and i used the network manager to do the setting part of the fix connection. Save and close the text editor. It tries and then asks for the password over and 3210. Then I found this: Thanks, Woody Forgot to say that this is a wirless usb dongle I’m trying to install.


Let us know your progress.

rtsta – Debian Wiki

Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter see dmesg and iwconfig shows: At least the driver is working. Supported devices are listed at the end of this page. Assuming you have downloaded the file to your desktop, do: I’m so glad you are here.

I know nothing about linux. I am installing ubuntu Hope this is what you’re looking for on the cd.

Look for the section I’ve quoted and add the part I’ve highlighted. We had a problem getting anything to claim it! As we used to say when I was a kid, about years ago, is that as clear as mud?

Best regards, and thanks Claudio. D Best regards, Claudio. I think the module rtsta that’s already built in to the kernel is driving your device.

AirTies Air 2310

No such file or directory root ubuntu: There’s a patch to solve that. Let’s try to repair the install. We’ll create a text file, zip it up and you can post it so my colleagues and I can examine it.


I’m at my wits end. The proof that our method is sound is that your wireless device llinux as expected.

I guess that you are sitting at the right of the God of the Code: Firmware has been removed from the driver in Debian kernel images as of 2. I can’t thank you enough! Thanks for being patient and persistent. I’ll try to attach the pic.

This is what happened with the make install: I linkx helping you all and your words of appreciation make it all worthwhile. I’ve spent a few hours already downloading, and compiling drivers and I can’t seem to find any that actually works.

The package you downloaded and are trying to compile creates a driver rtsta: