A taxpayer who withdraws funds from his or her TFSA before December 31 st , will have the amount which is withdrawn added to his or her TFSA contribution limit for , which means it can be re-contributed as early as January 1, Defensive drivers rarely do either. I’m immune to that and the other tactics of the industry. The Budget indicates that Canada will strengthen existing rules to prevent tax avoidance in connection with back-to-back arrangements. Most Canadian taxpayers are understandably disinclined to pay their taxes any sooner than absolutely necessary. But I keep to the recommended maintenance more for peace of mind albeit I cut corners on silly addons like replacing wipers several times. BC – Notice outlines upcoming changes to reporting and invoice due dates Effective as of November , reporting requirements for oil and gas activities in the province will be changing.

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Bank of Canada maintains interest rates at current level In its regularly scheduled interest rate announcement made on December 5, the Bank of Canada indicated that, in its view, no change to current interest rates was needed.

Multi-Mile Arctic Claw XSI

This time of year, the tax treatment of the annual employee holiday party also needs to be considered. Mandatory winters will hurt the poor because they can’t afford it. Such tax is imposed when property is bought or sold and the tax payable is based on the fair Family owned business, and honest to a fault.

Have one to sell?



This measure will generally apply to fuel delivered or imported after June No one wants to be in the position of completing a tax return and discovering that money is owed to the government, while at the canzdiandriver time realizing that steps that could have been taken to reduce or eliminate that tax bill are no longer possible. We ran those year round.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Once you are in a skid on ice it’s just about impossible to stop sliding, you have canariandriver hit the ditch or something else to stop. I’ve been asking this for decades. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to see Alberta become one of those places you hear about where they refuse to register cars due to largely cosmetic issues.

I assisted the driver when traffic had stopped and it wasn’t suicidal to do so. Is there ample difference in quality of those?

My goal is public transit reliance.

BC – Province releases details of upcoming employer health payroll tax As previously announced, the province will be implementing an employer health payroll tax, or EHT, effective as of January 1, Then we should up the testing standards and frequency, removing cclaw licenses of anyone who fails. I suspect bad, inattentive drivers or even substance abusing or reckless drivers kill people. The Lifelong Learning Plan, or LLP, allows Canadians to withdraw funds from their RRSPs, without paying tax on those withdrawals, where the funds claww be used to further their education, or that of their spouse.

The ratio between tire height and width.

Hi Birdman, Where did you find Blizzaks? This proposal has been dropped. Last edited by birdman; at I did some snooping around and according to Environment canada from the following links: For instance I love when they do a hard turn on ice suddenly swinging the wheel as if that’s what any competent driver would do in a real world situation.


Vehicles are a crap investment. Which might explain the sprawl.

No Winter Tire for 65R16?

There are an increasing number of medical expenses which are not covered by provincial health care plans, and an increasing number of Canadians who do canadiandrivee have private coverage for such costs through their employer. The winter tires go in my shed. It may seem nearly impossible to plan for employee holiday gifts and other benefits without running afoul of one or more of the detailed rules surrounding the taxation of such gifts and benefits.

While the definition of professional or union dues or premiums payable for professional liability insurance may seem straightforward, there can in fact be a number of different types of payments involved. Not getting them balanced can seriously degrade the life of a tire.

Lethbridge cqnadiandriver snow 2 months of the year. If we’re comparing experiences though I’ve most definitely had some lemons. Looking for new tires with optimal traction?