The interface version number that this device supports. Returned action names may be in mixed case to enhance presentation but will be recognised case insensitively in the See: Since the collection is also ennumerable it is easy to use constructs such as For Each An array list collection has been selected as the vehicle for action names in order to make it easier for clients to determine whether a particular action is supported. Please do not throw a See:

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Set False to disconnect from the device.

See the Advocacy page for some suggestions in this regard. It is designed to be used by client applications that wish to provide telescope control capabilities which are device-independent. You can also read the property aecom check whether it is connected.

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Download and install the driver s for your astronomy instruments and devices. Each Rate object contains a maximum and minimum rate value. The interface version number that this device supports.

V1 did not specify this property. Those sorts of things will have their own interfaces. Set True to connect to the device.

Retrieved from ” https: Components that implement this interface can provide a way for programs to control various telescopes via a standard set of properties and methods. It should not to be confused with the See: Platform Installation Notes There has been confusion about getting the Microsoft.


Please do aecom throw a See: Should return 1 for this interface version.

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Collections have been used in the Telescope specification for a number of years and are known to be compatible with COM. Since the collection is asom ennumerable it is easy to use constructs such as For Each In the interest of keeping things simple at this level, the architecture assumes that client applications will refrain from performing conflicting operations.

For a summary of the changes and additions since the previous standard Telescope 1. The collections may contain more than one Rate object.

This can be used by exposure calculators, as it includes the effects of obscuration by central obstructions, etc. You’ll also find plug-ins for TheSky and other useful tools and components here for download. This is the home of the ASCOM Initiative, a loosely-knit group of astronomy software developers and astronomy device manufacturers devoted to vendor-independent plug-and-play control.

Use this interface to perform basic operations on a robotic telescope.

NET the ArrayList is the correct implementation to use as the. Included are a scriptable positional astronomy engine based on the USNO NOVAS Vector Astrometry package, an orbit engine that can generate ephemerides from orbital elements, and a acom deep sky catalog server with over 70, object names listed.


Finally, the MoveAxis method supports rate discovery. Note that most programs that use astronomical devices already use ASCOM drivers and thus need no plug-ins.

Opticstar AG-130M Setup Manual: Ascom 4.1; Guidemaster; Shoestring

This will install the Platform on a new PC, and it will also upgrade earlier installations of Platform versions 4, 5, and 6. Once again, I should say, the samples etc.

If ascpm don’t find a driver for your device here, contact the manufacturer and inquire about availability of a driver.

Required for all drivers see notes for Windows 7 and Windows XP! Views Read Edit View history.

This is where you can get drivers for your astronomy instruments and devices. Please read the notes for Windows 7 or Windows XP as it applies to you.