HP cooler 8GB Gskill ripjaw ddr But most people using the PI series G. Join Date Apr Posts 9. I have not yet tested each stick individualy. Mushkin seem to be pretty hard to get where I am, so I was looking at G. I’m looking at memory, maybe I should just go with where I’m likely to have less problems.

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Packaging and Accessories – 4: Results 1 to 10 of I only tried it at fsb 2: Maybe it needs more? I’m reluctant to RMA the memory if there’s nothing wrong with it.

But it appears I again have memory problems in this new build on the UD3P board. The end result is a nice clean disc layout without stickers that could cause vibrations or sloppy handwriting. Packard Bell case ashs to upgrade to http: Join Date Apr Posts 9.

ASUS DRWL1T DVD±/RW DRIVE with LightScribe Review – Page 13

I have not yet tested each stick individualy. It’s fast memory no o’clocking really necessary and runs at low voltage. The E idles at about degrees, both cores too, my has a 12 degree temp difference between the cores at idle.


If only I would have looked a little closer at burning times. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!

Join Date Feb Location Europe,the wild wild west. I won’t go into the actual settings I used just yet, more on that later. All settings gave memtest errors in test 6.

Plenty of people using this memory on the UD3P board with good results. Build went well, nice case and the Xigmatec cooler shaves about degrees off CPU temps on the E compared to the Xeon in my other build. With laser precision, the drive renders the text and images that you created for the drw-2014ljt. Only LightScribe media has this special coating and as mentioned before, this makes Lightscribe media more expensive.

It is actually pretty aeus to see and you can make some interesting labels but it does take quite a bit of time and the media is more expensive. This is what I’ve done. I didnt think I would need to tweak all the memory settings to get the memory to run stable at stock speed, or do I?


Want to know why? Msi GT MB died A co-incidence, bad luck maybe, I don’t know. Good luck with the setup, hope all goes well!

ASUS DRW-2014L1T DVD±/RW DRIVE with LightScribe Review

Testing Methodology – 6: But in a very competitive market, drw2-014lit it even compete these days? Great for a small amount of text or graphics. The BIOS default settings for the memory is 5 5 5 Crucial would be fine on your P45 I know how you feel though, but it is ok for sure now drw-2014lig the 2. I need to push on my silver ones and see what they will do. Later that day the machine rebooted during a run of Prime95 blend tests, probably minutes after I started the test.

Does this definitively point to a problem with memory. It’s kind of a moot point I guess because increasing MCH by 0.