I read that HP’s recommended fix is for you, the customer, to pay over dollars to buy a new motherboard. This will void your warrantee, but basically the repair company gets to decide if it’s a manufacturing defect, in which case the warrantee exists, or consumer damage, in which case it doesn’t. Flip the netbook over, remove the rubber pad covering the screw, and remove the screw holding the access panel shut. I wonder if Asus even has a single full-time Linux person. I bent a very thick piece of copper wire in the right shape to touch all the pins at once, and tinned it with solder. It certainly would explain their odd behavior.

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See the Boot section below. After all, the repair facility must get parts from somewhere, right?

DebianEeePC – Debian Wiki

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I ask her where it is and she can’t tell me. However, it appears the Linux kernel has changed something: Alternatively, you may wish to install Lennybut beware that you will 1215 have a network during the install and need to upgrade your kernel using a kernel backport for that to work. I call back later, asking about repair options. I call ASUS – the lady on the phone gives me instructions to remove battery and power cord, hold down power button for 30 seconds, replace battery and power cord, then power back up.


Was told by a co-worker that everything worked right out-of-the-box on Ubuntu for the N. This will leave you with a single silver rivet, or something, right in the middle of the metal plate, holding it in. I could always use the integrated Intel graphics, linuux then I’m not getting what I’ve paid for.

One wonders how the Best Buy employee would know how to open such delicate equipment without breaking the little plastic bits and tabs which hold it together. Summary Do not buy.

If i want to get a graphical environment i have to: The speaker volume was turned all the way down, so I had to open the mixer to get sound.

I’m using ubuntu, lubuntukubuntu: It failed to detect the kernel version number properly. I wonder 1215h ASUS doesn’t intentionally stonewall customers as part of some deal with the warranty repair shops. It popped right off. Got the several desktop managers working again: This would really suck if NVidia is just giving us Linux users the cold shoulder.

Asus EEE PC n Linux Writeup

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I assume that if this breaks the computer, you just boot into ubuntu recovery to remove it? I’m also unsure of how much of the Linux “hybrid-graphics” switching applies to this setup.

Eee PC 1215N with Ubuntu Netbook Edition

For this reason, I’m in the market for a new laptop. Originally Posted by Tryfon. Ubuntu Netbook Edition is a Linux distribution derived from Debian, with a new interface named “Unity.

I actually should have checked this first; the center pin on the DC power jack is broken lunux. This is unfortunate, since the onboard video card is not that good.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. February 2nd, 9. There are a number of stages in the installation process. I don’t care about battery but I’d just want to use nvidia chip. I’m just a relatively poor college student that wants a decently portable laptop, so I am strongly 12155n buying an ASUS eee pc N.

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