I Found inbuilt kernel module: I have had a little bit of succes adjusting the max X value a little. Install that and reboot. Now im installing the correct drivers The key steps were: If someone still has problems, please do tell.

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This has now fixed my jump to corner behaviour on my Tx. I don’t really have a use for the touch screen right now so I touhscreen not messed with the calibration yet. Read the thread above.

This is how I get my touchscreen working: The software could never find the touch controller, even though it was showing up cco.ltd the USB device list! Here is my xorg. Email me about changes to this bug report. So I can advice everyone with that problem to install xserver-xorg-input-evtouch and add a file like mine to the directory xorg.

eGalax Touch Screen Driver for C2 Ubuntu – ODROID

Is there any way to remove that? I got that before the calibration and, although I can touch and move the cursor where I want, it jumps at that top left with every tap, causing it to think i’m doing a drag and highlighting text, icons, etc Sidhi Ciang 2 8. Please let us know your results. I have had a little bit of succes adjusting the c.oltd X value a little.


So I guess there is not much hope in it getting an update so the calibration method works.

And the last update the package had was in Our TomCat applications are working on the C2 but the most important feature, the Co.lyd Screen, is not working egaax it should and this is a business critical issue. Hopefully from those you can get it working. I hope you can help find a solution and for that I invite you to pour some beer for free when you’re next in Munich Select all sudo apt install git git clone –depth 1 https: Then I needed to make sure I had the right device: Best regards, Robin StammBar.

If you find that you are both connecting ok, i know this may sound crazy but just try a few household electrical items while you are still connected, like microwaves, coffee machines, d-wac off and on Fridges and Freezers, and game consols.

The usbtouchscreen module loaded automatically.


eGalax touchscreen – Raspberry Pi Forums

Maybe it’s handy to repeat the interesting stuff there so it’s bundled at sclentific place. Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman fenris wrote on The key steps were: With the kernel option mentioned above this also occurs using evdev only no usbtouchscreen module needed Run on the C2 Ubuntu terminal window.

Go to the Download folder and extract the content of the eGalaxTouch- 3. The first step in getting this done is to compile the raspbian kernel with necessary kernel module. ISO CD images are available from http: It has been released.

According to dmesg log: That is a no no in Ubuntu Open Input Framework Edit.