Having previously Maya 44 card which I was very satisfied, this product seemed the logical evolution. With a reservation on the availability of updated drivers. Cons No power adapter for 48V phantom power in the box. I have been able to work 4 or 5 times since, and once again, blue screen, and impossible to boot! Great value, easy to use and well built. It still lacks a point. More update for a while, a window greater control would be welcome.

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All user reviews for the ESI ESP1010

I use sonar, it allows me to record 8 channels without worries and redirect them directly wired to the outputs on a mixer. Sauf carrment the price is affordable.

Regarding inconsistency, I have not found it yet. Just give us the power adapter and we’ll ask for no more! Sturdy and noise free. A friend had a WamiRack XL and was happy.

Having previously Maya 44 card which I was very satisfied, this product seemed the logical evolution. It allows me to read a midi file on my pc and play along.


I have a latency ofwhich suits me fine. Viewpoint value for money is the top at least at the time for small budget who want to taste the quality. Just be vigilant to setup the card before starting the program depending on the sampling frequency. Our Verdict Great value, easy to use and well built.


Said card houses a D-pin connection to accommodate the composite breakout cable. The ESP’s big trick – the one that sets it apart from its rivals – is its extremely comprehensive and flexible driver architecture. I have not had occasion to use it but just 2 points for connecting a virtual esj into place.

Write a user review. I bought this card for 6 years regardless prs; used with cubase studio 4 on a dual core running XP, I found the quality price ratio interresting; until the crash occurred after systm s a series of crunches, reading, both in cubase, on my drive.

If I had to buy a sound card with a tight budget j’hsiterai not buy this card. I must say that I have this interface since 4 years, and it seems to me there was a reprint ezi this interface, on mine the association with the PCI card is via a D-sub, the connectors are different and Powered through phantom with a real switch on the front of the rack.

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A little tank for a record result of semi-pro, I have finally been pleasantly surprised. Near-zero latency thanks to the integrated card on PCI slot. No problems at all, good stability and suitable format except for the number of XLR inputs a bit limited now. And frankly given the price, I did not hesitate for long. Cons No power adapter for 48V phantom power in the box.


This product is no longer manufactured. I use this card in my little home studio as recently as private and professional. In practical terms, this means that all your software can access and utilise the ‘s abilities at the same time and you have the ability to pass audio data between these programs at will.

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The number of entries was the first selection criterion then its price. DirectWIRE the system is very simple. I have a second Windows XP installation without updates, no network, no internet What I like least? I almost never realigned except for some tracks where, esp11010 defined, it suffices to apply the same offset mathematically to solve this micro displacement. The rack meets the card through a heavily shielded and generously long connection cable.

The first two analogue ins are presented as XLR type microphone inputs and receive 12v phantom power from the PCI bus.