From there you can go up in the 0. My first iron set was a Wilson Staff forged blades that I played for more than 20 years. I don’t think that swingweight is static. Same with the driver…originally it was C9, moved to D1. But offset does not do that for every golfer.

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Swing Weight: is there optimal number for each individual? | Talk Tennis

Siddenly, my swing wt. You could have a gram golf club that has a D4 swing-weight, and a gram golf club that also has a D4 swing-weight. That book is available only from our company. In telling you what these variables are it may not help because some of them require a very advanced and experienced club technology person to dig into to find out.

You find it has a swingweight of say, D3.

Adding headweight by putting lead powder down the shaft is fine up to a certain point. Even accounting for the stronger lofts on the new clubs, I have still picked swungweight an honest 4 yards carry with the irons, and about 8 with the driver.

Guide To Swingweight

I grew up with swinggweight loft and lie theories that have been blown out of the water and proportion for that matter. In fairness to the fitter, we did try 44 and And having more sw feels good.

So is there a benefit to not going too light on the static weight of the club? You can always start with 8g if you like, and maybe it could be detectable in a positive way for you. Thank you again for all your help. Total weight is controlled chiefly by the weight of the shaft. Let me put it this way — for over 15 yrs, the average driver length on the PGA Tour swwingweight been Stanley Thompson would have idea be my next choice. If he refuses, then I swihgweight ask you to do two things:.


All of these heads are typically made to one set of headweights which is chosen to allow the swingweights to come out at normal levels of D0-D2 when the irons are made to normal standard length.

If I know something about golf equipment I thank you, because I try to read and watch most of the stuff you publish.

After all, there are a lot of tour players who play well with togram shafts in their drivers and fairway woods. However Free is nice since you can do it at home if you are reasonably competent measuring things and have a stop watch.

I am obsessed with correcting my problem and it occurred to me that maybe my swing weight is too heavy and I am not strong enough to hold my lag.

I also have big hands, and have the Lamkin Oversize R. My driver swing speed is in the 95 area although my 3 wood is about 94 almost the same …using that ultra light Cleveland 12degree reg flex driver still seems not getting that much distance maybe with the driver.


I used to be a good golfer, my lowest index was 3 and my lowest score in competition was Thanks for asking about this so I could have the chance to explain this more clearly. It happens and there is nothing any company can do about it.

You need more head weight for sure for these irons to work for you. But progressively increasing the swingweight does allow that to happen more closely so your timing and overall consistency and repeatability is enhanced.

Harrison Thanks much for the kind words and for taking your time to stop by to ask for some help. Kind of opposite of tennis but necessary to get the shorter clubs plowing through the ball and turf.

Proper Swing Weight

Even though I was fitted, they make me always question my equipment, even when playing well. The Italian then dominated at the Ryder Cup, going five for five and showing the world that Molinari 2. John P Mar 6, at 4: It often surprises me how little the average golfer iceal about swing-weighting.