The first swings of this driver on the range brought to mind two words: Lie adjustments range from neutral to two degrees flat or upright. February 24, at 7: Your eyes are immediately drawn to the face of the club because the top of club head lacks any dots or alignment marks. We’d love to have you! Ballard on Length of Backswing. I had a torn meniscus resected last year on my left knee and it will get sore after a round or range session.

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Nike STR8-Fit Driver Instructions

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. I appreciate the help!!

There are over 60 custom shafts which are also available for the Machspeed, and more additional custom shafts can be special ordered. I just follow the lead. My Sticks Nike Roundhead 9.

After every swing I can see exactly where the contact on the club face wasand make adjustments on the fly. Hopefully I can get this driver in the next few months! Nike Machspeed black adjustment question I hope im in the right area, i didn’t know where to place this and ther emight be another thread like this but I didn;t see it, so if there is I am sorry for putting this up again or in the wrong place.

Nike SQ MACHSPEED Black Round Driver Review | Hooked On Golf Blog

Machspeed Black face – Click for larger image. The feedback, both sound and feel, is very pleasurable and gives me a good indicator as to where on the club face the contact is occurring. The neutral position seems to work the best for me most of the time. Just unscrew it all the way, and the head will be loose, then you pull onstructions out and out it where you want it.


Along with the speed of this driver comes the adjustability. The porousness of the face promotes tell tale marks from the ball. An eight position hosel allows adjustments for draw and fade, as well as flattening or steepening the lie. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

We’d love to have you! Though I have my current setup in a closed position to promote my favorite ball flight, nachspeed draw, I can still consciously think about hitting a fade and it will happen. Brian Peck 27 years old. Yellow line facing left. Thanks for the graph Thainer, I got one with the kachspeed, but, not nearly as detailed as this.

A couple pars, bogeys, doubles, and even a triple. I think I want it a on the first closed setting. Throughout the swing the increased weighting at the corners in addition to the advanced aerodynamics helps keep the clubhead square to the swing arc, and the square shape machspefd the lines of the clubhead just seem to promote its traveling straight through the ball towards the target.


Here are the results of my test and my opinions about the SQ MachSpeed driver:. Visit the SQ MachSpeed driver microsite on nikegolf. I hit about 50 balls with the new driver using three face angle settings — square, 1 degree open and 1 degree closed — and I hit about 15 balls with each setting, plus a few with my old Dymo driver to compare.

I felt it was a pretty good deal. The head actually comes off, you have to loosen it, take it off and put it in its new position. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Driver – Rogue I’m sensing a disconnect here. Another thing, the yellow line wears out and is likely the black line that you see.

The first swings of this driver on the range brought to mind two words: White drivers are pretty popular right now.

Jike again, Nike has achieved this with the MSB. The face of the club has clear and subtle alignment aids that stand out while looking down on the club.