While I’m sure there is more than one way of adding the directory to your path, this worked for me. I needed to right-click the project name, select properties, select Run under categories, and add a VM Options: After that the problem was resolved in my application. BUT here I had a lot of forders ex javaopenjdk-i , javacommon , javaopenjdk I was having the same problem even after installing the RXTXcomm.

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Ignore the other checkboxes.

Worked fine for me. This helped me set up Eclipse on Ubuntu I tried to divide this project into several different sections; some were more successful than others.

[SOLVED] Java RXTX installed from repository, how to import? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

It helped, the easiest and fastest way. I had the same problem.

I was having the same problem even after installing the RXTXcomm. Native library location should now be filled in.

Java lang unsatisfied exception message

Sign up using Facebook. Here is where I started running into problems with serial communication.

After all it’s logic, if we want our JAR to run outside our IDE, we must have the dlls in our java running environment, not in our development environment: I have read that as well and I have placed the dll files and the jar in the right place and the process monitor indicates that the jvm them.


Create a new Java Project and name it SerialTest. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You should see a few errors indicated by red lines, the first of which are under the “import gnu.

Note I did the default NetBeans 5. I installed the RXTX windows files into the following: Java to Serial Port Java was ,oading most familiar and recently-used language, so I decided to build the framework for my UI and serial communication in it.

Go over the above import steps again. whi,e

I am trying to use the 64 bit rxtx serial communication library downloaded from cloudhopper with 64bit windows 7 and eclipse. As this board took up the last 2×3 header in the lab, I decided to stop here before I fell asleep with a soldering iron in hand. QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. Imports and required libraries: Browse again to the folder where rxtxserial.


In the Project Explorer, expand SerialTest. You can now try to debug your new project by running it F I’m running Java 1. Mahm00d 2, 7 32 You will get an error similar to: I resolve this problem by adding rxtxSerial. Once you know what ports you’re using, there’s one last thing you have to change: Hope this helps anyone. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear.

Instructions for adding them into the SerialTest project are below. Code May 18 ’15 at Make sure you get the right version for your machine AND Eclipse installation; bit code won’t run if you have bit Java and Eclipse installed.