What really pulled me into linux from the very start was the ruthless free spirited user community. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. They’d be a lot more careful about what they say if they had. Look what Big Brother keeps track of. Then one day a linux cd arrived in the snail mail, which was then quickly installed.

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Toast to all those who remember the applecat modem, blue boxing, dial up text only bbss, the first mouse, box hacking and phreaking, the famous crack pages of the infamous Capt Crunch, the video lunux Captain Goodnight, and the good old 5. The Lucent Hermes and Symbol Spectrum24 chipsets do not contain this functionality.

They allow for easier roaming and bridge all Ethernet traffic such that machines connected via an access point appear to be on wf12 local Ethernet segment.

Linux wireless LAN support

All five chipsets provide a similar interface to the driver. Supported features include By default, the driver configures the card for BSS operation aka infrastructure mode.

Device ID is not currently claimed by the in-kernel rtsta or rtusb drivers. They operate in BSS mode.


Connect the lknux to the access point with lmr coax, fire up kismet on the access point and keep track of the neighborhood wireless networks. We are not responsible for them in any way.

Linux wireless LAN support; manufacturer

Some have compared it to certain feverish Eastern religions. Linux being my workstation and server platform of choice.

You are here Home. The best version of the station firmware for the Prism family of chips seems to be 1. Lijksys included in the mainline kernel since 2. Cards supported by the driver based on the Intersil PRISM family of chips also have a host-based access point mode which allows the card to act as an access point base station. Older versions of the Prism station firmware have a number of issues with hostap mode. Reported to work with the vendor driver from http: The following cards are among those supported by the driver: Overall, this is a thumbs-up little device.

I’ll be some what immediate in removing the content.

Firmware is required, available from http: Add new comment Your name. It eats lots of battery, but that’s to be expected from a previous generation WiFi card: Cards in this type of adapter should only be removed when the machine is powered down.


For it’s been wdf12 long time. They prey upon consumers, that’s scary folks! The driver also supports a point-to-point mode where stations can communicate amongst themselves without the aid of an access point.

Skip to main content. Some users of Prism-II and 2. For more info on specific chipset development, and which drivers are available for which cards yes, there are more drivers available for some cardscheckout Jean Tourrilhes page.

Security and common runtime issues. I like to study exploits and vulnerabilities. Users are forced to use a GUI, thus a heavy weight is placed on the user’s feet. Use of vendor driver currently required to support BCM chipset: