The results of the test above prove that turbo mode improves the performance a little bit , but, this is hardly recognizable in the gaming practice. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Our The Two Jakes: This is a relatively fast hard disk, so there are hardly any delays whenever a hard disk access is required. The decent shiny white MSI logo at the back side of the lid attracts attention. The results of Cinebench are quite different. This improves the performance, especially, if you run current computer games.

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So, the Megabook GX is rather a multimedia notebook with gaming ambitions, The Megabook GX stands out of the crowd by offering many interfaces. In our opinion the location of the audio ports is not ideal.

MSI GX600 Extreme Edition Review

Thanks for the video link, moral hazard. The GX reached with turbo points in the 3DMark06 at a resolution of x pixels. Products may not be available in all markets. The only question for now is, what do I look for msii Interfaces are mainly at the left, the right, and the front side. This would require at least a M GT. The runtime is a little more than 2 hoursif operated this way.

The rough surface feels nice to the touch. Crysis only runs smoothly with low details and a resolution of x pixels.


MSI GX600 Gaming Laptop – MSI GX600 – Specifications

So, video chats with friends are possible. Probably the coolest feature which I have not seen since my 20Mhz desktop is a Turbo button to overclock the machine on the fly to bump the processor speed from 2. The keyboard keys themselves have a nice texture and provide great feedback while typing. I’m just happy that the computer is behaving as it should and is not unstable. The GX has a full-size keyboard … but it does use some compact keys.

The quality of the speakers is sufficient for computer games and bluetootu listening to music. This notebook was fairly tame through our testing, and under normal use was very quiet and cool. The operating system is Windows Vista. Volume levels were high enough to allow coworkers to get into your game even if they were busy doing work. You should take special care of the hooks in the display frame, which can easily break.

MSI GX Extreme Edition, a review of MSI GX Extreme Edition

The components of this system are controlled by a MHz front-side bus. This is, because only the CPU clock rate is increased from 2. No discernable overclocking benefit when gaming; Lacks dedicated multimedia keys; Limited tech support hours. Surprisingly, it is very user-friendly outdoors. The system’s base screams “gamer chic”; the lid is adorned with the circular MSI logo in silver and red, with red flames reaching from its four sides.


The area between the red rectangles visibly gives under light pressure. Calculation intensive and demanding picture, multimedia, and video applications are no problem for the GXbecause it is equipped with a Penryn CPU.

To summarize, this can be a problem during mobile use, because you frequently have to readjust the opening angle of the lid for an ideal picture.

Headphone jack quality was top notch, and my preferred source of audio when bluetoith games more like highly suggested.

Placement of the left control key is also in an odd position one over from the left, with the function key taking its place. If your demands are higher, you can connect this notebook to a hi-fi system.

As with most gaming machines, the GX Extreme Edition didn’t offer extraordinary blietooth Any help would be much appreciated. The noise level in idle mode was